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Ebay scam 419er's

For those of you ebayer's theres possibly a 419er scam coming your way. This was sent to a colleague selling some photo gear today, so they are out there!

Hello ,am here to get a deal with immediate purchase, i wanna buy this item from you and i will be happy if you can sell it to me, in any price that is avoidable to me, i will be able to buy the item, and i wanna tell you that you will take care of the shipment thru Royal Mail shipping courier service first class,and the methold of payment am using is western union auction payments(bidpay) and western union will give you the confirmation for you to know that you money as been approved and seNt to you.. if that is okay with you send me your full information for me to make the payment ,name,address. and i will be able to add you an additional 50.00 + the total amount of your give me the amount for this. kindly get to me. ASAP."

Just sort of says 'Hello I am from de west afika' all over it, doesn't it!
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