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It is quite extraordinary that the police are allowed to charge around on public roads (that is PUBLIC roads!) not matter how good they are. They can not change the laws of physics. Their breaking distances and reaction times are the same as for any other fit driver with good eyesight.

It is also interesting that the other police story around at the moment is the one where the policeman swears at and threatens a youngster who recorded it on his mobile phone. Okay the kid was rude but whatever happened to the polite but firm Dixon of Dock Green policeman? By the way that policeman was also 'trained' to deal with the general public on the beat. So just how good is police training and it's ability to weed out the bad ones? Not good obviously!

Another factor is why the need for chases at all? As soon as a chase looks like happening get a police helicopter up and radio ahead for police assistance with a stinger. If they are short of helicopters then that should be sorted out. Why should the public be put in danger on public roads?
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