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I think they've done a really good job of deflecting attention away from the real problem here.

OK, maybe for a trained and highly skilled driver 159 mph isn't a problem. Maybe it was safe. Maybe he did need the practice.

But - the point is that this wasn't a previously approved training run. If it was, there would never have been a prosecution. He would have been able simply to produce his authorisation, duly signed - no problem m'lud.

We live in a world of regulations, risk assessments and procedures. Nowhere more so than the police, who apparently can't even talk to someone in the street these days without filling in a form. If this had been a legitimate training run there would be the paperwork to back it up.

It's fairly obvious that he decided to take the new car for a blat and got caught. Hence all the frantic attempts after-the-fact justification.

Not good enough.
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