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>Speaking on the steps of the court, Insp Keith Howes, said: "Pc Milton was driving in accordance with his training, honing his skills while possible and testing the vehicle's capabilities so that if he was required on an urgent call he would be driving safely."

The court heard the roads on which Pc Milton drove were deserted at the time of the patrol and that driving conditions were good."<

I too have been professionally trained to drive at WELL over the national speed limit and have been driving for over 30 years, never having had an accident.

However, I have recent penalty points on my licence because I drove at 14 mph over the speed limit on a deserted, rural, dead straight, dry road in perfect weather conditions (on which I have driven thousands of times before) in the early hours of a Sunday morning.

I was NOT testing either my own ability or the handling of my car; I was driving at less than half of its top speed.

So - IS there is one set of rules for us and one for the police, if he wasn't on an emergency call and wasn't using blues and twos?

'Fraid so.
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