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Jon Lei
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Mr Freightdriver,

Expats arriving at MAS is definitely gonna piss a lot of people here. Like mentioned in other posts, expats will be stepping and leaping on many aspiring for a promotion. The pilot's assoc is in the midst of negotiating a better deal for locals. You guys coming here will surely throw all their efforts down the drain! Remember itís not about having an open mind or not. Ultimately you guys will be held responsible if the pilots get a bad deal.

The fleet where you can make a few friends and not be noticed will be DHC-6 Command or FO, or the F-50 FO. Get posted anywhere else and you will find yourself getting cursed in foreign languages, ignored (by the girls too), not being served meal choices or drinks on time, spending layovers alone in the dark, doing all the work (and I mean all sectors and relevant paperwork). Just ask the Indonesian FOís.

So all the best for your sim check ride.
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