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I am just, if not more dissapointed than you. Yes, MAS would rather employ outsiders and eventually pay more than give concessions to locals. Also MAS (Taody) too proud to make moves to at least encourage those that left to come back. Even the govenment is trying to entice professionals to come back and serve the nation. But for MAS no way. Too proud/arrogant I guess.

I heard (from the scheduling people) that many pilots have exceeded hours. Many flew more than 100 hrs per month and heck, 1 chap even logged 140 hrs. Mockery of the FTL scheme, I say. And MAS has the cheek to go and ask DCA for dispensation to exceed 90/900 hrs quoting national interest.

MAS Flight Safety and DCA, what have you to say? And MAPA, I reckon you should encourage your members to refuse those call ups cos at the end of the day you're helping a company that does not appreciate your value. Those rescheduled call ups disrupt your family life and in the end will upset you. Then your health will be affected. Remember that unwittingly, you are helping MAS cover up their mistakes.

Should this sad state of affairs continue, I am forced to draw the conclusion that MAS operations are neither safe nor legal.

Sad, really sad.

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