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Angry E Bay concerns

Hi there chaps,

the following is a copy of TWO identical emails I got through ebay this morning. The fact that they are identical comforts me in that it is more likely to be a scam unless this precise wording is available through ebay for someone to forward to "suspects".....

Dear courageous351,

I am contacting you in order to try and solve a serious situation before it gets out of my hands.It has recently come to my attention that you or someone using your eBay ID(and I am certainly hoping it is not you, but another party)have been using my Credit Card information on eBay for auction purposes - which I assume were not legitimate-and amounts of money were taken out of my account.This means someone is using your eBay ID. Please check your eBay user password to see if it was perhaps changed. At this point I am assuming it is not you who is doing this, but a third party. However if you do not respond I will assume it was you and act accordingly. Please respond to this e-mail as soon as possible to try and sort out the situation in some way, or I will be forced to contact the proper authorities and also eBay so that proper action can be taken against you or whoever is the guilty party.I will wait for your answer within the next 24 hours before I move on this. Thank you

Please respond to the question on eBay by clicking the button below.

Thank you,

Anyone else had this message at all? I'm reluctant to respond other than to ebay which I've already done in case it's simply looking for email address validation to spam. Got more than enough of that already thanks to Jamster ringtones!!!

Cheers all

WCF out.
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