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I do not think our Canadian colleagues have anything to worry about when they come over to the UK; as usual, they will be treated with the respect they deserve and, as usual, they will undoubtedly make the effort to fit in wherever they are. It's a management issue, and it won't affect the buying of beers.

What the company does have to worry about is the second exodus. All of the Boeing dudes will be cross-trained to the Dark Side very shortly, and surprise, surprise... it turns out to be a very nice aircraft indeed. Could use some RB211s, sure....

No bond, 500 hours on type, where are all the FOs going to go, now there is no prospect of command ? Does it matter ? Why have so many senior captains and FOs left to join other companies on a lower package ?

A shame - we have (imho) an excellent scheduling agreement, a good salary package but there are no career prospects and the little bits of silliness from management - "this is aviation, boy.... I don't care if your wife is giving birth today, you will do the Palma", personally, just shove me just over the fence to leave when I've done my time on the bus.
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