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There is / was only 1 Mytravel demoted Captain flying in Canada for Skyservice.

That Captain was given the chance to go to Canada and keep his command only due to operational requirements ( Mytravel have pi**ed off so many of their pilots they did not have enough volunteers to go!).

You can't blame the Captain concerned, he had the chance to keep his command for a further 6 months rather than be demoted to First Officer if he had stayed in the UK.

Upon return to the UK the Captain Concerned will be demoted to First Officer.

Skyservice Crews come to the UK each summer based on a reciprocal arrangement that sees Mytravel crews go to Canada for the winter.

SkyService Crews coming to fly in the UK this summer are not doing the full UK ATPL exams as the are being issued a Foreign Licence Validation having completed a CAA Air law exam.

Mytravel crews have had to do the full Canadian ATPL exams and now have Canadian ATPL licences - not Foreign Licence Validations.

This reciprocal agreement has been fine in the past, however it is now unacceptable that Canadian Skyservice Captains will be flying in the UK this year ,when the are still Mytravel Captains who have been forcefully demoted to First Officers .

This is because of the penny pinching Mytravel Management who quite obviously don't give a toss about their pilot work force and are more concerned about their own positions and Bonuses.

After all, it was the total mismanagement of Mytravel that saw these Captains demoted and countless First Officers made redundant as the Company tittered on the verge of bankruptcy, yet the directors who put the company in this position walked away with Millions in payoffs - outrageous!

The Mytravel Demoted Captains should all be re-promoted before ANY Canadian Skyservice Captain flies for Mytravel.

If this is does not happen a precedent could be set that will see now more new commands at Mytravel as the company will just take on Contract Pilot Captains when it needs them rather than promote any more First Officers.

Mytravel Management would have all the demoted Captains Flying as First Officers in the UK if it were not for BALPA'S intervention.

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