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And in that inky darkness, he fired up his computer.

Logging on to his favorite webshite, PPRuNe, he saw that all his sad mates were ther too starting to write a drivel - sorry, novel. And he started to type...

Eeeks! Said the man! Those Siamese twins were nearly knocked over by that MG that didn\'t start first time.

Oh no! screeched the PPruner - I\'ve made a minor grammatical error that has condemed my twin brothers to death. Because I didn\'t distinguish between siamese twins and a siamese cat I will have pedantic ppruners on my back for a year and more.... sob....sob.... sob....

His tears rolled down his cheeks as he thought to himself "How crap are Ryanair\'s T&Cs and how can I slag off BA in any way possible?"

Maybe, he thought, just maybe, I could set up a website that will forever be full of not just poo, but novel poo.....
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