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PPRUNE - the novel

Given that a number of would be novellists are using PPRuNe to gain inside knowledge I thought we could start a novel on PPRuNe, the rules are each person should add no more than 100 words each time and it should follow on (like consequences).

Here's the start....

The full moon was still high in the sky when Bill carefully closed his front door. He was thinking of Jo, still snuggled up in bed upstairs, as his feet crunched on the gravel path. He cursed under his breath as he realised he’d have to scrape the ice off the windscreen. Fortunately the MG started first time and having scraped enough ice to allow him to see through the windscreen, Bill jumped in and set off in the direction of the M11, just managing to avoid the neighbour’s Siamese who had decided to cross the road at that moment….

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