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Regulatory Standards and Related Documents
AC - Advisory Circulars - FAA - (Explanatory Supporting Documents for the FARs)
Canadian Regulations
DOT Archival Special Collections Library - google for "DOT library" will link to this site - very useful historical data
FAA Ops Specs Page - FAA
FAA Resource Link Site
US Federal Regulations - Comprehensive - US Government
FAR - Federal Aviation Regulations (CFR 14) - US Government
Historical AC/CAM/CAR/FAR - US DOT
EASA - JAR 25 (now CS 25)
ICAO Documents
STC - Supplemental Type Certificates - FAA - USA
TC - Type Certificates - Australia
TCDS - Type Certificate Data Sheets - FAA - (Basic Certification Data - Types/Models)
TSO - Technical Standards Orders - FAA - (Equipment etc. Design Standards)
UK Military Aircraft Standards

Rescue and Survival Equipment
Eject, Eject - Ejection website - Jim Griffiths
Manufacturer/Supplier Contact List - Outdoor/Rescue/Survival Equipment

Restraint of Freight and Cabin Baggage
Overhead Stowage Bin Article Retention - Boeing

Safety Management Systems
Introduction to Safety Management Systems - TP 13739 - Transport Canada
Helicopter Risk Management - TP 10112 - Transport Canada
Safety Management Systems for Commercial Air Transport Operations - UK CAA CAP 712
Safety Management Systems - What's In It For You ? - AUS CASA Guidance Booklet
Score Your Safety Culture Checklist - Reason via Transport Canada site

Safety Related Matters
4th European aviation safety symposium
Advanced Qualification Program - FAA
Aviation Safety Magazine - FAA
Aviation Safety Site - Airbus
Aviation Safety Site - Boeing
International Aviation Safety Assessment - FAA

Search and Rescue
Australia - AMSA website

Spatial Disorientation
Spatial Disorientation Countermeasures - USAF

Stall Speed Determination - USN FTM

Standard Atmosphere
Standard Atmosphere Computations - Applied Aerodynamics: A Digital Textbook - Desktop Aeronautics, Inc.

Standards - Miscellaneous
UK Defence Standardisation Website

Electronic Statistics Textbook - StatSoft
Sample sizes - Prof Stephen Emery

Supercharging (Those Fire-Breathing Turbos (with links to subsequent articles) - John Deakin - Pelican's Perch

System Safety
System Safety - Transport Canada System Safety site

Tail Strike
Tail Strike - Boeing (Douglas)

Erroneous Takeoff Reference Speeds - Boeing
Rejected Takeoff Studies - Boeing/Evergreen
Takeoff and Landing Performance - USN FTM

Technical and Similar Reports - Flying Magazines, etc. - Miscellaneous
Archive FAA/CAA Reports - US DOT
NACA Reports - Archival Data. (The site has links to NASA reports)
NACA Report Listing - Cranfield
NASA Glenn Research Center
NASA History - NASA
NASA Technical Reports Server
Situational Awareness reports - SA Technologies
USN Approach Magazine - US Navy

Test Flying Memorabilia
Test Pilots and Test Aircraft - Neil Corbett's site

Time and Timezones
GMT Site - time check and useful timezone data

Training Matters
Transition training onto advanced cockpits - Ecottris
MIT Aerospace
Pilot Training Videos

Technical Standards Orders (TSOs)
European TSOs
Australian TSOs

Turnback after Takeoff
Should you turn back ? - Prof David F Rogers - USN Academy
The Possible "Impossible" Turn - Prof David F Rogers - AIAA Paper

Turning Performance
Turning Performance and Agility - USN FTM

Type Certificates

Unit Conversions
Ask Numbers Site site
Convert (download address) - Josh Maddison
Dictionary of Units - Prof. Russ Rowlett
Google Site Calculator

In-Flight Airplane Vibration - Boeing

Volcanic Ash
Volcanic Ash Avoidance and Recovery - Boeing

Vortex Generators/Nacelle Chines
Vortex Generators - Andre Ludovic
Vortex Generators - an example (Ryanair B738) -

Wake Turbulence/Wing Tip Vortices
Airplane Trailing Vortices - Boeing
(Von) Karman Vortex Flows - Prof M S Cramer
Wake Turbulence - NZ CAA Booklet
Wingtip Vortices and Contrails - photograph

Wheels, Tyres and Brakes
Tire Care and Maintenance - Desser (Goodyear)
Goodyear Tyre Manual
Tyre Care Manual - Dunlop
Wheel and Tire Servicing - Explosion Risks - Boeing

Windshear - era paper

About Winglets - Mark D. Maughmer
Blended Winglets - Boeing
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