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No but they're quite willing to discuss the aircraft with the flight crew they meet, indeed I've found them very pro-active in visiting the flight deck whenever they're on BA metal. No orders for A380 until at least 2009, 747advanced still firmly in the frame, the board want to see what the reality of the A380 is in service rather than relying on projections. Besides there's certainly no point having it in service before T5 is up and running as current BA infrastructure at LHR just can't cope with it.

As for passenger preferring cheap flights, well there's a lot more goes into the equation than just fuel burn and not all of BAs customers are price driven. The airline seems to have coped reasonably well with the 744 on many routes versus competition from the A340 and 777, both of which are more efficient aircraft. If you start from scratch with a 380 and a 744 the 380 will win, but compare starting from scratch with a 380 with a sizable established 744 fleet and the economics are less clear cut. You also seem to have missed the point that we can't fill a 380 to DXB and the SIN, BKK, and HKG routes leave LHR late at night and arrive LHR early in the morning so the aircraft will have to sit around at LHR unused all day. That does not help lower ticket prices!
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