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Further to the points under discussion, an article in todays Dominion Post about the accident quotes the conversation that a Ted Robinson (deputy leader, Scott Base) had with Jim Collins.

Robinson, was at the time, sitting in the radio room doing routine checks with field parties when Collins called for a chat and a weather report.

Quote "Collins made contact and I informed him of the weather conditions, how it was a complete whiteout". He, Robinson, told Collins that it would be unwise to come to McMurdo as passengers wouldn't see anything.

He suggested that Collins fly over the Dry Valleys where the weather was clear.
Robinson also told Collins that a work party on the sea ice some 64 kms from Scott base and at Vanda Station had clear conditions.

Shortly after Collins accepted that information he changed frequency to McMurdo station and Robinson did not speak with him again.
Robinson was never called to give evidence at the enquiry.
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