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At this point in time anybody who has read and digested all the many words written about this accident would have formed there own opinions as to the cause
The cause of the crash was the DC10 flying into Mt Erebus!
The REASON they flew into it was because an Air N.Z. ground personnel altered the (Lat & Long) co-ordinates of the previously established route - that would have taken the flight over McMurdo Sound - to take them direct to Mount Erebus but he didn't TELL anyone

The subsequent attempt to cover up his actions, by shredding all relevant documentation, and Ian Gemmell's actions of secretly removing the flight plan from the crash site, and his "evasiveness" in court, when questioned as to whether he had recovered and removed the same from the flight deck of the crashed aircraft..."There was no flight deck as such"...., and Air N.Z.'s denial that they promoted the flight on the low level flyover around Erebus, certainly showed the company's actions to be "orchestrated" and deceitful, in trying to move the blame from themselves, and place it squarely on the flight crew.

Indeed, for such a tiny country, with a population of only just over a couple of million at that time, it had a devastating emotional effect.
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