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Er...is it me, or am I witnessing the most comprehensive thread slippage in the history of...er, threads? Ah, no. Archimedes...must be on the right track.

I was going to beg the question: ARE YOU ALL QUITE, QUITE MAD?

I mean talking about Greek fighter planes. Do you have some hidden desire to be carted off in chains and locked in a jail where the only worthwhile pastime would be to learn Greek?

Talking of Tony, I have a feeling that if it were not for him, some gentle souls would still be fighting for their freedom, having had the temerity to photograph some obsolete kit parked in an obsolete airfield. These people were plane spotters, and I am predisposed to like people that like planes, wether they fly them or not.

I am also predisposed not to forget the bizarre treatment of these people by a country who's desire is to be part of a group of free nations.
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