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I don't buy the argument that the airport was to blame. Has there been any discernible loss of custom from the increased prices? As far as I can see NCL Aero was in a dominant market position and for whatever reason didn't take advantage of that.

Whenever I was up there the booking sheets were full and I know that I had to book at least a week in advance to get an aircraft. Also there was nowhere else nearby that you could do your basic training. Yes 120 per hour or whatever it was is a lot of money but it is no different to what other schools charge around the country and many of those face stiff competition.

Consider a bit of basic 101 accounting.......If you charge say 100 plus a landing fee of 15 then surely it is basic budgeting to put aside the 15 as you know you have just collected it on behalf of someone else (ie Mr Parkin). Similarly you know that you have to pay 17.5% to HMC&E. It makes sound financial sense to put aside those monies into a separate account and of course from your detailed budgets you know that the remaining monies will cover your costs and hopefully deliver a bit of a surplus for the members for a rainy day. Me thinks that somewhere Peter robbed Paul which is how the wheels fell off but blame surely can't be placed with the airport.
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