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This would be a very sad day for GA.
But for my money, more than a smattering of the blame has to lie at the door of the airfield operator.
I may be wrong here, but is it that they don't get any discount on landing fees? If so, then twenty odd quid to land is taking the you know what.

The reason I say this is when I started looking into the ppl shenanigins, as my job takes me to every major airport in the north UK, I called in and got a price list.

Nice guys, and a great club house, something we don't enjoy at LPL. But whilst I was there, I overheard an instructor telling a young lad that today would be solo day if all went well. The next statement made me shudder, that this exercise would cost 240 ish! No doubt the biggest part of this is landing fees. Just exactly WHAT are the costs of carefully placing less than a tonne of metal on a lump of tarmac??
When you hear tales of airports paying MOL & Co to land there, just where does this muppet at NCL get off????

Hope it survives. I'm sure the club will be there for another 80 years, unlike the numpty in charge of NCL. Perhaps he should consider that some things are better and bigger than he is!!

Just incase an airport manager is reading this, where do you think the pilots of the big jets(that bring you millions of pounds a year in revenue) train?????
Think about it
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