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Day 2 Sim check and more Micropat
You will report to Cranebank and come across your partner in the welcome centre. The tester will then collect you both and take you to the briefing room. The sim check is carried out on a dated BAC1-11 sim. The instruments are all old fashioned; HSI. RMI, ADI. The brief was very good and covered all aspects that we needed to know. You operate as a crew and are given a route to fly procedurally. E.g NCL to MAN. You will fly a SID, Airways, STAR. You may hold, you may divert en route, you may do a non precision approach. Stay flexible and work with the other bloke. Itís not just flying the aircraft, but how you manage the workload. Good CRM is essential. You will have been given pitch and power settings and a small brief on day 1. Learn the pitch and power settings. You could even have a small crib to refer to.

To practice, do as much raw data flying as you can. Airbus blokes who may not be used to using thrust levers should practice without autothrust if they can. You must work together, use the PNF to set powers, read the plate to you, to call mythical speedbird ops! Again I must say that CRM is the key! You will hear within a few days your fate.

Day 2 Micropat. Similar to day 1 with a few omissions. I think this may be to compare the old system with the new one and is carried out using more dated software.
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