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<<As a general comment relating to aviation stories in the media, I would urge any PPRuNe readers with the professional knowledge and inclination to correct or refute any inaccuracies in this or any other similar stories to write to the editor concerned.>>

Don't waste the stamp. Newspapers are a law unto themselves and by the time your letter arrrives the subject matter will be "history" and they'll be writing tripe about something else. You probably won't even get an acknowledgement but if you do it'll be a "standard" stereotype response.

ATC units where I worked were often visited by journalists who were writing various articles and looking for "background", or in one case they wanted to feature a "lady controller". They wouldn't provide draft copies for inspection prior to publication and the results were often extremely embarrassing and very distressing for those involved.

In my book there are two types of rubbish - what goes in your dustbin and what you read in the media.