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As a general comment relating to aviation stories in the media, I would urge any PPRuNe readers with the professional knowledge and inclination to correct or refute any inaccuracies in this or any other similar stories to write to the editor concerned.

Too often these journos get away with sensationalist reporting of aviation in the name of selling papers. When the media reports on aviation, the often fatuous arguments of anti-aviation pressure groups, such as the one in this article are quoted verbatim, only attracting the most flaccidly worded response from official bodies, such as the CAA. What is required is a response from knowledgeable individuals who support aviation with the same zeal as the antis oppose it.

To any journalists reading this, my specialist knowledge of aviation helps me to spot misinterpretations and fallacies in the majority of articles I read on the subject. To me this calls into question the validity anything else you write as with any other subject I am just a layman and can't filter what I read in the same way.
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