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Thanks for the kind words guys. I'm really glad my time and effort will be useful to others... So, to answer some questions and comments:

the bac1-11...is that the next instalment...?
Sorry, I've done my bit over a really busy time for me too and as you can imagine, it's taken ages to write. How about somebody else helping us out and doing a write up of day 2?

What percentage of pilots are successful at this selection?
Absolutely no idea sorry. Although, I do know personally about 12 people who have attended the first days selection. Only 4 got through to day 2. Only 2 have been accepted into the hold pool and then no guarantee of a job don't forget!!

Do BA consider each test as the same level of importance?
Somebody asked this question on the day I attended... All elements of the day carry equal weighting was the answer.

Hope that answers what you wanted... Good luck to anyone who'll be attending in the near future.
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