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CR2, Well since keep pestering all of us about this and I don’t much else to do in this hotel room in the middle of the night I might just as well share my part of the glory in this, I am a bit sarcastic today but no pun intended so if you are faint of heart you should skip this.

Seem to recall carrying a 747 SF full of “Rush Baggage” from Jeddah to Kano, well it wasn’t in much of a hurry as it had been sitting in Jeddah since the previous Hajj with the accompanying grit and a stowaway cat the Nigerians took an instant liking to, not so sure it made the right choice there as it tended to look out at us from the doorway during the offloading obviously not liking the look of Nigeria for the first time, When we finally coaxed it out on the last pallet the last we saw of it was when it went scurrying across the ramp chased by 4 big black men with saliva running from their lips and plastic knifes and forks from the Trash bags in each hand.

Next trip I went down there was a week later again on the 747 SF with a plane full of Instant Identify card booths sponsored by the UN with the purpose to Issue Identity cards to all Nigerians, My initial hopes of the identity cards being A4 size so that you could spot them at a distance were proven false when it turned they were just like any other identity cards, Wallet Size!

And like the rest of you I have done my fair share of Ferraris, Porches, Mercedes and other display cars, Last pair of fancy cars I carried were a 57 Caddy and an 1960 Oldsmobile Limo belonging to one of the Royal Families in South East Asia going for service in Detroit. In retrospect it probably would have been cheaper to send a couple of Auto Mechanics First Class.

Did a couple of Rhinos to the Zoo in Shangahai, But then again with the Chinese you can never be to sure. The older one of the two we can be certain isn’t going to go easy on their dentures if they ever decide to go that way.

And again like the rest of you I have done my share of Goats, sheep, horses and even monkey’s although I am sure 3 of them didn’t go with their kin during the offloading.

The most unusual of the lot was one Pitts Special and a Piper Cup in the Forward belly of a B747 Passenger Aircraft going to the Oshkosh Airshow last year. Still not quite sure how we managed that without damaging the Aircraft.

And just to finish of I did an unusual one last week where I had a 16´ton Semi Truck going to SYD and a Huey right behind it.

So if I offended anyone; Tough Luck as you obviously did not head to my warning before reading.

So CR2, is the beer on me or you next time at Check in?
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