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Anderson is a disgrace.

I don't expect a minister to know all the technical intricacies of his/her portfolio, but I expect them to be able to consider the merits and origins of ALL advice they get, remain open to all lines of communication, make the best decision with ALL the information and not be swayed by minority lobbyists for questionable gains.

On those counts he failed.

Australia, in particular Regional Australia that supposedly makes up the other part of his portfolio, has been let down and poorly represented by Anderson in particular and the National Party in general. Their primary vote in 2001 was 2%. They have not earnt the right for even that much this time. No wonder the really effective National are all going independant.

What has John Anderson done for you, your region and your industry lately?

Gwydir is as safe a National seat there is - why else would Anderson be running there? He wouldn't want to risk a marginal on his national record would he?
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