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Hey ultralights;

You posted a warm and fuzzy "why don't we all try to get along" post recently, and then you go off half cocked with shafting AOPA. reading too much Gaunty I suspect.

I suppose you can now tell us all there are more AUF members than AOPA and AFAP combined so you own the sky?

Read what the man said, and stop listening to the rabid ravings of the loony left who are a bit miffed right now, or are you another disenfranchised Labor man who is looking at anything to blame?
it was half cocked, yes, but i just stated that i was not a member of the AOPA,and wrote nothing about the AOPA. basically after a few of their members kept approaching me, i decided it wasnt for me. But i did find the statement from the AOPA a little unusual as i read it to mean they, in some way supported the bindook actions. it was my error in my interpretation.

and no, being a business owner, i am Liberal. and even if i was looking for someone to blame, it still wouldnt help with the solving of issues, whats done is done, and cant be changed, all we can do is change now, and the future.

from my viewpoint, all this heated discussion isnt really helping anyone or anything. and all of aviations organisations would do much better with a united front.
Im sure 99% of aviators out there, including the ones in their 40Kt Drifters will think that a day of No radio and No transponder Is just outright Stupid. and will achieve nothing.
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