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Weight problem? How about an evacuation problem combined with a collapsed main/nose gear (with real passengers instead of well-rehearsed Airbus staff with family members...),
Ignition Override:

Just wanted to know where do you get your facts? Is it not better to only give well informed opinions? What's the point in your post? Trying to make people think Airbus doesn't care about safety? Rather sensationalist, wouldn't you say?

In this particular point I would like to give my opinion, which I consider to be rather well informed. Obviously not saying it's gospel, as nothing ever is in life, but I believe it's fairly solid.

A few months ago my wife was asked to participate in a an evacuation drill. She was given a list of strict rules to follow. She was told no prior training was permitted. The aircraft type and any other details of the emergency trial were not disclosed as this would only render the trial less realistic. Obviously, certain health questions were asked, as Airbus does obviously have to ensure this type of activity is not going to endanger the participants. She would not have been allowed participate if she had taken part in another similar exercise in the past X number of years (I think it was 2, but not sure). Anyway, in the end, due to her professional obligations regarding the the safety and customer satisfaction of all AIrbus planes up in the air, at the last moment she had to cancel her participation, and thus a substitute was sought in the last moment. So, as you can see, Airbus certainly don't, in this case anyway, use WELL-REHEARSED employeed for these type of highly important drills.

Get your facts straight.

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