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They will trim most of it back- they always do.

and a recent example of the above from Airbus would be ???????
There is the latest fopar they trimmed a bucket load out of the undercairrage of the 340-600 only to have it fail the RTO test and so had to beef up the brakes/undercairrage.

Kratch is playing the media for fools.....5% overweight but we will still meet effeciency targets. Right! Question....Have Airbus ever brought an aircraft to market that matches the performance figures in the glossy brochure? Non.

Why do you think a certain Asian 1 world carrier is doing HK NYC HK with a bucket load of empty seats in the 340 on the return sector.....because Airbus said it would carry "X" payload both ways regardless of the season/winds.......and so every time it does not the finance department get a nice little cheque in the mail with a postmark from Toulouse. If not then they would use the 400 which will do the job both ways, winter or summer schedule.
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