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Thanks Swingwing.

Most definitely will send ya a PM.

Bzulu, my apologies also for the lack of detail in my post.

Basically, log more hours flying. I am caught between the devil and the deep blue sea with regard to logging more hours - as you and SW would be well aware, as of as far back as I can remember, if you have over 20 hours of flight time against your name, then upon attending flight screening, you are automatically considered an advanced candidate, tested and marked accordingly.

There is much conjecture about the basic/advanced candidate scheme at PSA, but it seems to me that if you have over 20 hours - indeed 20.1 would suffice - then you will be flying against candidates that have more than one full log book to their name. For mine, and this stems from advice from some that I have spoken to at length on this issue, I believe that it is probably better for my own chances to stay under the 20 hours mark. I base this assumption on two main factors...

1. Despite the literature to the contrary, I am fairly sure that there is a different scale of assessment and marking for Aircrew Applicants with over 20 hours. It is based purely on this figure, and there is no leeway with regard to whether or not you have 20.1, or 500 in the book.

2. I am paranoid that I am not going to be able to compete in this aspect with another applicant with far more hours than myself.

Please feel completely free to correct me if I am in any way wrong, but particularly on the second point, I think about it in the sense that someone who has 70 hours is going to be far more comfortable, and therefore far more competitive in a situation of loss of control (developed spin etc) than someone with 25 or 30 hours. I don't mean for this to sound so subjective, but I use the above example as just that - an example.

I would love to hear from anyone on any point relating to the above, and also if anyone out there has any opinions on my age as a factor in my application - 25 at present, with my birthday in January.

SW, again, thankyou for the opportunity to contact you on the PM'S. I will take that opportunity right now.

Again, thankyou one and all for any advice you can give in advance, and if anyone knows indeed what did happen to HornetBoy, lets hear about him, and where he is at momentarily...

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