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Ah! The defaced Cross of St George flown by the grey-funnel line and an effete bunch of toffs in Cowes Castle. Such pollution of a noble standard that flew over Agincourt and Crecy! God is for Harry, England and St George!

I do love Scotch, the only Scottish product made by Scots for the delectation of Englishmen.

The Frogs and the Jocks have always had a "special relationship" usually founded on treason.

Interesting that UKIP scored their lowest share of the Europoll in écosse (about 6%) and came sixth amongst the political parties. In the SW region here UKIP scored more than 22% and came second. If an alliance between the rump of the Tories and UKIP wins a NO vote in a future referendum and the UK abrogates the Treaty of Rome, would the Scots follow England out of the EU?

No wonder Tony and Geoff seem to be concentrating whats left of the RAF in Lincolnshire.
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