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Standards of English

Allan 907

Having read most of the contributions on this thread, I heartily agree with your comment about the comparative standards of English between here and Oz. Some of the grammatical scatology and woeful spelling I see on many UK-produced threads make me cringe. Some contributors, as BEagle indicates, are undoubtedly victims of a system that was supposed to have provided an education; some know better but are too lazy to get it right; and some seem to just revel in being plebeian, or 'cool' as they would undoubtedly see it.

Also, the increasing use of telephone texting may eventually do for us all, Australians included, in that the gibberish used therein will, I fear, become the norm.

Why do we seem determined to destroy what is a beautiful language?!

Rant over.

PS: Any grammatical or spelling errors in the foregoing are rage-induced!!
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