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Pro-EU and patriotic sentiments are not mutually contradictory. Nor are Europhiles confined to the "Left" (ask any popular ex-Tory leader such as Clarke, Heseltine or Patten). The Tories think they have to recapture those who have defected to UKIP to regain power. Perhaps a few hundred thousand? In fact they have to recapture those that defected to the Lib Dems and NL - a few millions!

I have worn a discreet St Georges Cross for years on my car - alongside the EU stars. Mainly to take the pi$$ out of the Frogs during my frequent visits "Outre-Manche". But it serves equally well in Jockistan.

What gets up my nose is the mindless slogan stuck on the rear window of a car ahead. Such as "Fly Navy!"
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