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Dimmer old chap,

I have just recieved a copy of Nimrod MRA4 'Maturity, Capability, Adaptability' video!!!! We are to show it to the Squadron on our Ground Training Day, where many of the students will not realise the 'leading man' (a true silver screen star if i've ever seen one) is in fact a leg-end! Nice one.

Sad I know, but I miss working for the IPT. It made this job look easy!! Good to see the MRA4 project is going well and I'm sure this video footage will enlighten those sceptics we have here. Perhaps it will give confidence to those departing to the front line about the future.

Don & Charlie, I hope life is treating you both well. I also hope you leave enough 'Kylie' to go round (although Anastasia is looking more like a front runner now!) Take care chaps.

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