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When to use temperature correction.
In addition to the suggestions from RoboAlbert, do not forget the initial descent altitudes, and step downs at non controlled airports. Also remember to temperature correct altitudes during takeoff from non controlled airports, flap retract, acceleration, and turning altitude, etc.

How does this work in the US for a controlled airport by day, but uncontrolled by night; or controlled by a remote centre? I guess it depends firstly on the reference for the pressure setting and second, the type of procedure (precision / non precision) to be flown.

From memory, some time ago, the helpful ATC controllers in Europe would always annotate a temperature corrected altitude clearance. i.e. descent into Innsbruck would be given as “descend to x.yyy ft temperature corrected” (where the lower procedure altitude was ft), is this still the approved phraseology?
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