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No,No, this really is all getting a bit much.Only one thing for it:"Brunel's Drag Line Manoeuvre".This move was developed by the Great Man when he was working on the excavation of Sonning Cutting.Use of the"Drag Line" was abruptly banned after an unfortunate misunderstanding involving a team of transvestites at the Brazil v England Grudge Match in Rio de Janeiro in 1963.
No official record of the ghastly business exists but a veil of silence was hastily drawn over the affair by the relevant authorities.Suffice it to say,a diplomatic incident was narrowly avoided.The move was quietly reinstated in 1972 after some behind the scenes negotiations involving the MCC. (Why do they always insist on playing St.John's Wood?)
Seasoned players will have realised that the "Drag Line" is one of the few moves that can be deployed in either two or three dimensions.It is therefore possible to move from,say Marylebone (Main Line) to Marylebone (Metropolitan Line) directly instead of having to employ a, frankly dreary,set of half laterals.Not being one to take unfair advantage I'll settle for the 2 D version and go for:


Your move, Gentlemen.......... if you dare.
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