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How dare you sir, you are a bounder and a cad!

As a losing 17th Round semi-finalist in the 1977 Ulan Bator Round Robin Challenge Cup, played under the very rules to which I referred some months ago in the last Prune Challenge, you have very obviously completely lost the plot. Both the The Rykjavik Double Shunt and The Fossberry Flatulence Deviation were used extensively in the Ulan Bator Challenge Cup and, as you will know if you have read “The Mornington Crescent Annual Compendium of Winners, Losers and Whiners” The winner of the cup was none other than Bien Hjen Chem, the 1958 French Champion. And he used both the The Rykjavik Double Shunt and on 5 separate occasions, The Fossberry Flatulence Deviation to great effect against Horace Elderflower III.

Now please concentrate:-

Gunnersbury Avenue.

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