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Colliers Wood eh? You devious bastard. (1)

I'll retort with a basic but solid Harrow on the Hill. That shold stop play yet open up several new possibilities.

(1) That term is of course used here as outlined in the 1924 rematch where the Whitehall Team was penalised but later had their score from the second round of the first clutter reinstated after a successful challenge to the No Distraction Addendum promulgated as a result of the famous 1907 'rosary' series and does not, as might first be apparent, bear any relation to the unfortunate incident in the dreadful 1954 international invitational. Indeed, I specifically use it here in an attempt to remove that historical blot placed upon the escutcheon of our beloved game.I agree with Masterson that it's high time we all got past 1954.
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