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Originally Posted by Mach E Avelli View Post
Para you put it so elegantly. Did you once work there too?
My aviation career has seen me work for or with numerous corporations, airlines and entities, hence my critique. Iíve flown from the front and Iíve also managed aviation interests. Bureaucracies such as ICAO, the UN, little old CASA, they are all one and the same. They are filled with wordsmiths and turd polishers and they wouldnít know the pointy end of a plane from a bad case of crotch rot. They promulgate theories developed and espoused by idiots like J. Aleck. Narcissistic and egotistical fools that like to sit around mahogany desks (when not congregating in giant amphitheatres listening to each other dribbling sh#t) writing legal jargon into regulations and creating glossy brochures to dazzle the onlooker. These people spend the rest of their time sipping herbal tea and eating kale sandwiches while living in their own parallel universe and sucking off the taxpayer teat. Yes, they actually believe their own sh#t doesnít stink! Iíve seen them in action and I know how the system works, and they are full of piss and wind.

The ICAO audit is laughable as the outcomes are known before they even land here. They will spend their time concentrating on diplomacy and using language that pleases the Australian government. Their audit scope will be smaller than a a postage stamp. Anyone putting hope in ICAO or ANAO audits making one iota of difference to the way CASA operates might as well buy some dairy dust and sparkling slippers. Keep dreamingÖ
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