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I'd suggest buying a small share in something either a 2-seat microlight, or basic but sensible LAA type, and revalidate your licence with a local instructor and then examiner in that. This basically means a couple of thousand up front you'll need to find, but then hopefully your ongoing flying should be very cheap, and in extreme financial straits (or to upgrade later) you can eventually sell the share.

Realistically you're probably looking at 2000 for the cheapest shares, which might be something costing around 75 a month and 75/hr (that is the cheapest, most will be more than that, but starting there for the thinking. A rough guess on the cheapest you'll get back into flying...

12hrs instruction over 3 months, 40/hr to the instructor, and 200 to an examiner plus aircraft use for the test, that'll cost you around 1,800.

So around 3,800 to get you properly back into flying again, after which say you're looking to fly 3hrs/month - you're looking for another 300 / month, - 100/hr in effect.

Yes you *might* get lucky and do it cheaper than that, but as I'm sure you know well, flying's not cheap however you do it.

Just developing the argument - particularly in favour of microlights, have a look at this advert: https://afors.com/aircraftView/52811...United-Kingdom . I've not flown the specific aeroplane, but know the delightful type and airfield well so something like this would be a good choice in my opinion. How do these numbers work:-

Share: 2,750
12 hrs with an instructor at 40/hr over 3 months + examiner = 1,250

- So "kick-off" cost about 4k

After that 3hrs/month would cost you a much cheaper 140 (47/hr), a more honest 170/month / 57/hr if you add in West London Aero Club membership.


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