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I'm simply reporting what the board of directors has been told when asked why restoration plans keep falling apart. They've been told we don't have enough pilots and can't seem to recruit or stop the attrition. The 60% normal ops by September plan was set 4 months ago and were still 2 months away from it and it has been decided to be unachievable. 50% by end of the year is still 6 months away and yet already decided to be un achievable. Nothing instantaneous here. I don't see news articles about "cathay cant stop pilot exodus..." and cathay city interview GH being confronted about historical attrition and inability to recruit and admitting "perhaps cos18 is not adequate for everyone..." about any other airline, even Emirates. But I do about cathay. The writing is on the wall, even without confidential behind the scenes information about the board panicking due to inability to execute restoration plans. Grey Hose himself, the engineer and executioner of cos 18 has just publicly said perhaps cos18 is not for everyone. If that's not admission of defeat and F'up I don't know what is. Are you not aware of the bloomberg news article about the press event at Cathay city just recently?

Watch for an announcement to raise cos18 pay to prove it all. If all is well as you say why would they do thatdoit will of course be too little too late but it will be proof of their desperation and panic.

Rest of your delusion is equally uninformed but I don't have time for it.
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