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I fear it is wishful thinking and emotional reasoning of V. There is no such dramatic shortage. As we speak still hundreds sitting idle or on minimum hours. As someone rightly pointed out before, if Cathay can't recruit, how could LCC's in Asia then? The most important factor regarding pay is the benchmark. Not inflation, not cost of living, not difficulty of task, not days in quarantine.

No airline in the world can be instantly ready for a rebound at an unknown point in the future. Impossible.Hence the worldwide (!) problems with cancellations etc. Everywhere the wheels came to a halt and are now slowly spooling up again. Except in Hong Kong, where still nobody knows what insane government plan will come next. And of course it will take time to expand again should Beijing come to senses one day. Nothing to do with pilot shortage per se.

PS Mole, it is the precise job of management to cut any employee until he boils of anger but juuuust still does the job he is told to do. I believe they will succeed, simply because of the even worse market elsewhere. I hope I am wrong.

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