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Originally Posted by PAXboy View Post
Humans change things when enough humans want them to change. If there are not enough in favour, the change fails (perhaps a revolution fails too). Sometimes thing change as they are manifestly simple and obvious.

Moving to a unified method of counting and measuring is in the second category. Trade benefits. Everyone benefits.

For better or worse, the world has agreed to travel being based on a 'seat from A to B'. How that is priced varies enormously but, since 1945 (or so) - weight of pax has not been part of the price calculation. On any occaision that this topic is raised in the USA - more pax complain than support it. If you can find a way to change the USA way of pricing airline seats to the benefit of the airlines then you are sitting on a gold mine. If it only benefits the pax - forget it.
Weighing passengers can be done in manny ways, they could put scales at checkpoints, they could make built in scales in seats, we only need more people to be aware of this, and there can be a change
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