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Originally Posted by Airblast View Post
From a Comair mate asking about CX after a presentation a few days back.

CX suggested to DEFO candidates with a lot of experience - Comair pilots in this case - a fast track career to command based on experience.

I have also heard this has been said to ex Dragon CNs rehired as DEFOs.

So, after the fast track SO to FO upgrade out of seniority, here comes the fast track command upgrade out of seniority.
I witnessed this debacle live and was amazed by the amount of misinformation presented by the current GMF and by the amount of candidates who genuinely seemed interested in taking up a position at CX. Here are a few points that stood out to me from that presentation:

- Firstly, the meeting was presented by TB and four other secretaries. No pilots present during a pilot recruitment presentation...immediate red flags (TB doesn't count IMO)
- Comair candidates will not do any sort of assessment in HK, including simulator. All assessments will be done online. You arrive in HK, do quarantine and then you start your training. "We assuming you'll be able to fly an aeroplane" - TB
- CX will receive the new Boeing 777 in 2024. I'm sure the last update from Boeing was for the new variant to be released globally in 2025. Maybe he knows something they don't.
- When talking about staff travel benefits, he gave the following example: HKG-JNB in J class - costs 1,000 HKD. I've paid more for "Free Of Charge" tickets.
- TB also stated that the public health system in HK is so good that it's actually a reason why many people choose to retire in HK. I spilled some coffee with this one.
- Regarding housing, he made it clear that HK offers a diverse variety of places to live. Not everyone chooses to live on HK Island with all the busy city life. You can choose to live on South Lantau, where he lives, and where there's "pristine white beaches." He did not mention CoS18.

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