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There can be no higher priority than ensuring we can continue to attract, recruit and sustain the highly skilled and diverse workforce we need from across every part of the UK population. Not only is it the right thing to do at a personal level, our future success as an Air Force depends on it.
Also, the chance of winning means bringing that diverse workforce into uniformity, homologous thinking towards common goals and ensuring that we are pulling together to succeed at all costs! Diversity is only good if you pull people together…otherwise it can lead to division (which comes from the same Latin words as those for diversity dividere and divisio). Sadly, it seems that current diversity measures seek to divide us rather than unite us, in my humble opinion. So if the RAF’s future, and indeed the wider progression of mankind (and I choose that word deliberately to provoke debate) depends on it, then we need to do it better than we currently seem capable of doing - cancelling, ridiculing and active exclusion of majorities over minorities is never going to work.
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