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I think if we were to concentrate more in a particular area it is EFATO. People continue to die in take-off engine failure spins.
A GASCo study some years ago identified that miss-handling turning onto final was very rare but of course it is an element that is practised on every flight. EFATO is in the main well catered for in the syllabus and is an important element of PPL training. Of course as with all things you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. All skills should be refreshed from time ti time to remain effective. However the GASCo study highlighted that the climbing turn following the take-off lead to miss-handling fatalities. This element of flight is not specifically catered for within the syllabus but should. There is opportunity within the stalling syllabus to include stalls in the climbing turn (take-off configuration) and of course practising this climbing turn during the climbing elements of the syllabus.

One cause of this climbing turn loss of control will be the abandonment of the traditional circuit pattern. Noise abatement procedures are often requiring an early turn after the take off whilst the aeroplane is still in the take-off configuration and at a low speed.
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