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Fl1ingfrog suggests:
may be why they have acquired a Chipmunk and seek to use PPL students to underwrite the running costs..
in which case I'd avoid them like the plague. The additional costs of running a Chipmunk, specially at relatively low utilisation must be around 500 an hour. Do they make them learn how to land it, as well? That'll add another 4-5 hours on to the course.
I would argue (and as above, it is still an open debate) that spin training and recovery is a part of an aerobatics course, post PPL issue and should be taught by an instructor with the appropriate qualification.
Spin recovery training was just coming out of the PPL syllabus when I did mine 40 years ago. I well recall a couple of fatal accidents which killed not only students, but instructors, too. Far more people were being killed in spin training than in post-PPL accidents and the nay-sayers that said removing spin training would result in more accidents were proved wrong.
I spend more time on the 'base to final turn' stall recovery because that's what kills people. You're never going to recover from a spin at 500' AGL so it's important in my view to make sure you never get to that position in the first place.A lot of people are unaware they pull when making that turn even in good conditions.
I think if we were to concentrate more in a particular area it is EFATO. People continue to die in take-off engine failure spins. I''m now teaching 'push to be light in the seat'. One student recently was really enthusiastic and I actually left my seat completely. Can't fault it, really. Note to self. Tighten lap strap more...

Oh, and another thing. The Chipmunk engine goes round a different way from most training aircraft. Being used to applying right rudder when selecting full power is going to spoil your day.


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