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Exercises 10a and 10b are part of the UK Syllabus published in CAP 1298
Exercise 10a Slow flight
Safety checks
Introduction to slow flight
Controlled flight slowing to critically slow airspeed
Coordinated use of controls at critically slow airspeed
Recovery from a critically slow airspeed
Exercise 10b Stalling
Safety checks
Symptoms and recognition of the stall
The clean stall and recovery without and with power
Stall recovery during a wing drop
The stall and recovery with power and/or flap (or spoilers, airbrakes or speedbrakes, as applicable)
The approach to stall and recovery in the approach configuration
The approach to stall and recovery in the landing configuration
The approach to stall and recovery in the take-off configuration
Stall and incipient stall and recovery in different configurations and various manoeuvres
Exercise 11 Spin avoidance
Safety checks
Recognition of the incipient spin
Recovery from the incipient spin
This document was introduced as an ALTMOC to FCL.210-215

Exercise 10a: Slow flight:
Note: the objective is to improve the student’s ability to recognise inadvertent flight at critically low speeds and provide practice in maintaining the aeroplane in balance while returning to normal air speed.
(A) safety checks;
(B) introduction to slow flight;
(C) controlled flight down to critically slow air speed;
(D) application of full power with correct attitude and balance to achieve normal climb speed.
(xiii) Exercise 10b: Stalling:
(A) safety checks;
(B) symptoms;
(C) recognition;
(D) clean stall and recovery without power and with power;
(E) recovery when a wing drops;
(F) approach to stall in the approach and in the landing configurations, with and without power and recovery at the incipient stage.
(xiv) Exercise 11: Spin avoidance:
(A) safety checks;
(B) stalling and recovery at the incipient spin stage (stall with excessive wing drop, about 45°);
(C) instructor induced distractions during the stall.
Note 1: at least two hours of stall awareness and spin avoidance flight training should be completed during the course.
Note 2: consideration of manoeuvre limitations and the need to refer to the aeroplane manual and mass and balance calculations.
Nobody has reintroduced Spinning to the PPL syllabus.
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