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Sadly this is the case. However, as we already have a few flight deck stories in this thread, let us have some more! Make this thread a joyous celebration of that time and, if you have any photos from your visits, please post them too. All are welcome!
Leaving LAX for TYO, B-747. Gave the usual Welcome Aboard rubbish, route, weather, time of arrival etc then added that if this is your birthday then make the most of it as in about four hours time we will cross the international date line and fly into tomorrow, and that will be the end of it.

A couple of hours later a stewardess brought up a birthday card that they had cobbled up on the back of a First Class Menu card and all signed for a "Lady down the back whose birthday it is ", and wanted the Captain's signature added. I refused and said " I want to see her first, bring her up. "

A few minutes later this gorgeous lady walked on to the flight deck and said "Hello, I’m Xxxxx "

I signed the birthday card and …..we were married 5 months later. ( 34 years ago )

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