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Originally Posted by Flyhighfirst View Post
If you are saying that you canít afford the bills on you income, which by the way is above average for the specific skill level, and your other half isnít helping out. Then expecting your company to arbitrarily fix it for you is complete nonsense.

We only have 2 kids and we could not live the life we want on one salary. And that is the life we want. If you actually canít manage at all on one salary then suck it up and get to work!
Circumstances change. Personally I didn't go down the multiple kids route as I like my toys and didn't want to give them up. However, in the case of a family with four kids, maybe they could afford it once, maybe the cost of living has risen faster than wages, maybe they had twins when only one was expected? Who knows? One of the things the usual JB suspects (and Daily Heil readers) often go on about is the decline in social behaviour, latchkey kids out of control because there's no parent at home when they get in from school. You can't have it both ways.
You think £30k is a good wage? Take the tax and NI out of that and there's not much left.
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