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Originally Posted by Flyhighfirst View Post
Everyone around the country has faced pay issues over the past few years.
Originally Posted by NutLoose View Post
I totally agree, they are holding the Country to ransom when a lot of people probably havenít had a pay ride in years, key infrastructure as with the services should be banned from striking.
Iíll start with saying that I am not familiar at all with the specifics of the rail disputes that are occurring in the UK - but simply saying that because everyone else hasnít had a pay rise means that unionised workers shouldnít be able to ask for pay rises is completely non sensical.

In a world of rising inflation and low wages growth - why is their such anger at those groups that dare ask for a pay rise?

Nutloose, Article 23 of the UNís charter on human rights allows for people to join trade unions (ie itís a basic human right), and UK law clearly allows those unions to take industrial action under a pretty prescriptive set of circumstances.

Itís interesting that those advocating that workers in industry thatís considered to be a key national infrastructure should not be allowed to strike, yet those same people argue that these pieces of infrastructure should be sold off and run privately. Privatising the profits and socialising the losses comes to mind.

I do not begrudge any worker in the current economic environment to be asking for increased pay.

And comments along the line of Ďsack them all and make them reapply for their jobí and that the answer to a family with 4 kids on a single income is for the Ďmother to get off her arse and find a jobí shows youíve really got no clue just how tough it can be out there.
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