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Sam Ting Wong
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You are all wrong.

From a business point of view it was the right decision to cease the moment and to lower the costs.

Cathay will increase the package ( by very small increments) in order to meet the demand, if necessary. Hint: the amount required is much lower than you think.

Nobody knows the pace of recovery, future airline size and traffic numbers.

But all other airlines have the very same problem. EK cold-blooded fired staff, will they return? How much cheaper is it to live in Singapore? Turkish Airlines wages got eaten up by a worthless currency, will you accept a contract in Lira ever again? Or ask former contract pilots in Asia and the rest of the world about their feelings toward their employer. Or anyone at HK Airlines.

Consider the hundreds of CX 777 pilots who got paid with no work for years. Are they going to be loyal and grateful employees in the future? Ha.

The loss of trust and good will almost doesn't matter.

Only romantic idiots have trust in an employer, regardless which one it is.

The numbers work for you or they don't. And Cathay will simply pay + X % compared to EK etc, as they always used to.

Eventually, mainland pilots will be allowed to work for CX, but until then recruitment will be from SA, Oz, India and Europe.

Check the wages on offer in these countries and you will understand why they will come. Ask yourself why certain individuals even can't let go long after they left CX..

Hull loss? Check the safety record of low cost airlines. Wake up. The industry has changed for good. Pilots will be mediocre educated (and paid) low-level employees, recruited from lower income regions.

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